Round Baguette of NBK in the new Town Hall of Bilbao.


The round baguettes of NBK are more and more specified in the new projects as sun screens.

IMB ARCHITECTS from Bilbao have specified this product in the new building of the Town Hall of Bilbao.  20.000 run meters of round baguettes in 8 colors will clad the building.


The new building of the Town Hall of Bilbao, projected by IMB ARCHITECTS, will have a double cladding of ceramic sun screen with round baguttes.

20.000 run meters of TERRART BAGUETTE of round section of 50 mm. diameter and 8 glazed colors will built this double skin. The length of the tubes is 3 mts. and has been got by the assembly of two tubes of 1,5 mts with  a metallic profile inside.

This solution gives a transparent and light look to the building, even a high energy efficiency. 


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