NBK Keramik GmbH & Co, a Germany company working since 1970 on producing architectural ventilated façades in Terracotta.

TERRART® was specially developed by NBK Keramik GmbH & Co for the Berlin “Potsdamer Platz” restoration project by Renzo Piano.

NBK Keramik GmbH & Co, achieved a breakthrough in modern Terracotta façades with the “Potsdamer Platz” project in Berlin.

NBK Keramik GmbH & Co, has developed an ultramodern production process based on many years’ experience.

The virtually unlimited variety of formats and their different configurations opens up the possibility of providing a unique interpretation in each case.

The Terracotta elements adapt to the individual ideas of each project to satisfy the architect’s wishes.

Project development with special forms ensures a unique architecture.

NBK Keramik GmbH & Co. manufactures an enormous number of special Terracotta modules in addition to standard elements of TERRART®-Large, TERRART®-Mid, TERRART®-Shingle, TERRART®-Solid and TERRART®-Baguette, which are developed in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

The TERRART® Flex substructure system provides a flexible base for virtually unlimited possibilities.

TERRART® has categorically introduced new dimensions in façade designs. The resulting architecture combines urban tradition with modern façades. NBK Keramik GmbH & Co. is establishing new standards worldwide in the most prestigious architecture.